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ANALYSIS: N.C. to Add 30K Jobs, $10B to GDP from first-year IRA-Induced Clean Energy Projects

As hundreds of clean energy business leaders converge in Chapel Hill for the University of North Carolina’s 10th annual Cleantech Summit, a new report finds large-scale clean energy projects announced in North Carolina in the first year of the federal Infla...


E2: Costs of Climate Change Rising “No Matter Where You Are in America” As Disaster in Southern California Rages 

A state of emergency has been declared in Southern California as storms continue to blast the region with heavy wind, historic rainfall, and deadly flooding and mudslides. Preliminary estimates project the total damage and economic loss from this week’s sto...


States Given Authority to Drive U.S. Clean Vehicle Economy Forward

The standards require that half of all heavy trucks sold in the state must be all-electric by 2035. EPA’s approval also reaffirms California’s authority to determine its own path toward a clean vehicle-driven economy and other states’ ability to follow suit.


California’s Offshore Wind Opportunity

Development of floating offshore wind in California could create nearly 175,000 jobs, add $45 billion to the state’s economy, and produce 4.6 GW of wind energy.


E2: New California Rule on Clean Vehicles Smart for the Economy

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is expected to adopt the Advanced Clean Cars II (ACII) regulation, which requires all new cars and trucks sold in California to be zero-emission vehicles beginning in 2035. The rule builds on California’s legacy of ...


California Oil Spill Now Threatening Businesses, Jobs and Billions Generated By Coastal Economies

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA - With new forecasts raising fears that the growing Southern California oil spill could soon reach more coastal areas, organizations representing thousands of ocean economy businesses redoubled calls for Congress to immediately and perm...


Clean Jobs California 2021

Driven by the unforeseeable impact of last year’s pandemic and resulting economic crisis, California experienced its first decline in clean energy jobs in 2020 since E2 began tracking such occupations. California’s clean energy economy employed about 480,00...


District-By-District | Clean Jobs California 2021

Clean Jobs California | District-By-District According to E2’s analysis, as of 2021 more than 484,000 Californians worked in clean energy and more than $102 billion in public and private clean energy related investments have been injected into the state....


An Economic Imperative: Climate Action in the Golden State

Summary: California is already suffering dire economic impacts from the effects of climate change, presenting significant business and economic risk to the world’s fifth largest economy. The costs of extreme climate events such as wildfires and droughts ...


Investors and business leaders urge passage of California climate risk disclosure legislation

E2, a national, nonpartisan group of business leaders and investors, also sent a letter in support of SB 449 on behalf of their network of more than 2,600 California business leaders, writing: “Robust and high-quality disclosure of financial risk is critica...


(Listen) White House Is Preparing To Give Back California’s Smog-Busting Powers

DOMONOSKE: Well, it makes it clear that California does have this right that it has long had to set its own policies. Now, I spoke to Sandra Purohit, the director of federal advocacy at E2. That's a business group that supports environmental policies. And s...


State Proposes Electrification of Diesel Truck Fleets to Further Smog Reduction

“‘The business community in California may not always be homogenous,’ says Andy Wunder of E2, one of the business groups that signed the letter. ‘And there is a lot of excitement from our clean energy companies and fleet owners and operators to see this Adv...


E2: Gov. Newsom Clean Cars Announcement Will Help Environment and Economy

SACRAMENTO  – Today, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced an executive order requiring all new passenger vehicles to be zero-emission by 2035, setting the path for more electric and other cleaner vehicles in California. Following is a statement from Bob Keefe, ex...


PASSED: AB841 Puts Thousands of Unemployed Clean Energy Employees Back to Work

Newly passed bill is type of policy California “needs to help its economic recovery” SACRAMENTO (September 1, 2020) – Late Monday night, the California legislature passed AB 841, a bill that swill streamline millions in investments to expand California’s ...

Los Angeles Times

California still doesn’t have a plan to bring back clean energy jobs lost to COVID-19

The job losses are staggering, as I explained in more detail in May. Despite a slight rebound in June, the U.S has shed more than half a million clean energy jobs in four months, out of an overall workforce of nearly 3.4 million before COVID-19, according t...


109,712 California Clean Energy Workers Have Filed for Unemployment After 4,313 New Claims in May: Report

Job losses damper fast-growing sector that employed 537,000 Californians at end of 2019 1 in 5 Californians employed in January 2020 by clean energy now out of work Before COVID-19, 3% of overall employment statewide, and 30% of state construction w...


Clean Jobs California 2020

America's Clean Energy Powerhouse in the Wake of COVID-19 After a fifth straight year of job growth since E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs) began tracking U.S. clean energy employment, California’s clean energy economy is facing a torrent of job losses and ...


Daybreak: A California carbon farming market

CDFA considers a carbon farming market CDFA measures the success of its Healthy Soils incentives program in part by how much carbon is sequestered in the soil. Now the department is considering a proposal to monetize that benefit through a carbon offset ...

Morning Consult

2020 Not the Time to Put Clean Cars in Reverse

California’s fight against the Trump administration’s plans to roll back commonsense auto emissions and mileage standards may seem surprising to some who live beyond our state’s borders — but only if you ignore that the clean cars bill we passed in 2002 has...

Solar Power World

West Coast legislators are at a solar crossroad

Oregon was positioned to pass a statewide cap-and-trade bill similar to California’s, which puts a price on carbon emissions and other pollutants. HB 2020 was intended to have state industries purchase allowances to determine how much pollution they’re affo...


House Protects Coastal Economies From Threat of Offshore Oil Drilling

WASHINGTON (September 11, 2019) – Today, the U.S. House of Representatives passed HR 1941 and HR 205, which would permanently protect coastal economies along Florida’s Gulf Coast and the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts from expanded offshore drilling. Follow...

Monterey Herald

Energizing California: State has half-million clean energy jobs

Clean energy jobs in California now outnumber jobs in the fossil fuel industry 5 to 1, a new study has found, an increase driven by the state’s ever-expanding renewable energy and climate laws. More than 512,000 people are employed in jobs related to cle...

Daily Democrat

California has five times more clean energy jobs than fossil fuel jobs

Clean energy jobs in California now outnumber jobs in the fossil fuel industry five to one, a new study has found, an increase driven by the state’s ever-expanding renewable energy and climate laws. More than 512,000 people are employed in jobs related t...


California Home to 1 out of 7 U.S. Clean Energy Jobs – REPORT

CA business leaders to deliver report to lawmakers in Sacramento Tuesday Clean energy employs 5X more workers as fossil fuels in Calif. Clean vehicle jobs saw 22% growth in 2018 512,934 Californians worked in clean energy in 2018 San Francis...

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E2: 9 Major Clean Energy Projects Announced in June

Companies announced 1,300+ jobs and $700 million in new investments last month Companies announced more than $700 million in nine new large-scale clean energy projects last month that are expected to employ at least 1,300 new workers across six states, acc...


AZ ANALYSIS: 8 New Clean Energy, Vehicle Projects to Create 18K Jobs, Add $7B to GDP, Generate $5B in Wages for Arizona Workers

Large-scale clean energy projects announced in Arizona in the year after the IRA are projected to create or support over 18K jobs and generate billions of dollars in new wages, tax revenue, and economic growth.


Major Clean Energy Announcements Surge 37% in May

Companies announced 11 new large-scale clean energy projects last month that are expected to employ at least 1,300 new workers and invest $950 million, according to the monthly tally of private-sector announcements from E2. The 11 new projects announced in ...

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