• Early to mid-career professionals
  • U.S. residents only
  • Able to commit dedicated time on a regular basis to complete the selected project
BROOKLYN, NY - APRIL 22:  Barry Sternlicht and Rhea Suh speak during a panel discussion on sustainability led by Jason Wachob at 1 Hotels & mindbodygreen Earth Day Celebration at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge.  (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for 1 Hotels)

1 Hotels founder Barry Sternlicht speaks during a panel discussion on sustainability at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for 1 Hotels)

Project Examples

New projects are encouraged to be creative, but below are some of our favorite examples:

Organization & Partnerships

  • Organizing business roundtables or other business-focused community events in key states to communicate the economic benefits of regenerative agriculture policies to the public.

  • Creating peer-to-peer communications programs for emerging leaders to share ideas about how to push changes in their cities or regions.

  • Documenting how local clean energy projects in conservative and politically diverse areas can better cultivate public support for climate action in ways more traditional approaches cannot.

Research & Publications

  • Measuring the jobs creation and economic impacts that result from investments in local energy and water infrastructure or climate resiliency programs.

  • Creating databases of investments in clean energy, clean water, and related infrastructure and companies in different cities and/or states.

  • Creating an online cleantech marketplace for small commercial buildings, connecting eligible energy efficiency and distributed solar projects with qualified energy service contractors and crowd-sourced investment capital.

Advocacy & Communications

  • Addressing the threat of federal budget cuts to programs for cleantech and clean energy innovation by creating a multimedia platform to share the stories of successful environmental entrepreneurs.

  • Developing a state-based Clean Energy Leaders group to assist in expanding a vital network of young business leaders and dedicated clean energy advocates who can aid in advocating smart clean energy policies with state lawmakers.

  • Creating “story banks” and video projects that profile and tell the stories of businesses at the intersection of the environment and the economy as well as the policies that impact their success.

  • Designing targeted social media campaigns to communicate the economic benefits of sustainable industries jobs.

How to Apply

To be considered, please submit a resume and fill out the questions in the application portal describing your project, how it will advance environmental sustainability or clean economy policies, and how you plan to accomplish this project.


If you’d like more information or have any questions regarding the program cycle and application process that are not covered in our FAQ, please contact fellowship@e2.org

Is the fellowship meant to be for an individual only, or can a team/group apply?

The Fellowship is an individual award so if you did apply as a group, you would have to appoint one individual as a spokesperson, funds recipient, and sole representative. E2 will not further subdivide Fellowships.

Do the funds have to be put toward the project?

The funds are intended to cover any expenses associated with execution of the project.

Are fellows required to travel?

Awarded fellows may be required to travel to one or more events organized by E2 and 1 Hotels during the program. Flights and hotel expenses associated with that travel will be covered.

I have a couple of really good ideas - do I put them all into one application?

There is no limit to the number of project ideas you can submit; just make sure they are completely separate projects. (Hint: If you find that you have difficulty keeping multiple projects separate from each other, it may be that, with a bit more thinking, you might find that you have just one really great project.)

Can I participate in lobbying or electioneering activities as part of my project?

No portion of the project may involve lobbying or electioneering activities at any level (i.e., city, state, federal).

My project has a lot of technical detail; should I assume the reviewers will have broad and deep knowledge about all environmental issues across the country?

Although our reviewers have a great deal of expert knowledge and experience, you should provide support for claims and assertions that would be outside the scope of a reasonably informed professional person. There’s a place for additional documents to be attached to the application if necessary.

Do I own what I create under the fellowship?

Yes, you will retain the rights to any and all intellectual property created.

How will I get paid?

Funds will be paid in two installments, subject to a finalized project proposal and subsequent approval of reports. To receive payment, all written reports must be accompanied by an invoice.

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