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Projects By State

Alabama6$1,603,000,000 1,350
Arizona9$250,000,000 2,300
Arkansas2$5,901,000,000 500
California13$1,600,000,000 160
Colorado7$880,000,000 2,382
Connecticut4$24,800,000 100
Florida2$72,000,000 250
Georgia26$14,742,500,000 14,881
Illinois6$2,563,500,000 2,719
Indiana10$2,563,500,000 4222
Kentucky7$658,400,000 1,149
Louisiana4$1,213,500,000 983
Maine1$6,000,000 200
Maryland1$14,000,000 145
Massachusetts6$45,700,000 1,041
Michigan23$10,709,100,000 10,357
Minnesota4$155,000,000 700
Mississippi2$2,015,000,000 2,340
Missouri1$100,000,000 250
Nevada6$6,600,000,000 5,250
New Hampshire1$16,300,000 0
New Mexico5$1,243,000,000 2,542
New York10$783,000,000 2,739
North Carolina 16$19,020,600,000 8,260
Ohio16$6,408,800,000 4,044
Oklahoma6$3,650,000,000 1,490
Pennsylvania2$116,100,000 157
Puerto Rico1$0800
Rhode Island1$00
South Carolina22$12,396,900,000 12,009
Tennessee14$5,203,700,000 4,185
Texas21$7,769,000,000 8,811
Virginia3$45,500,000 149
West Virginia4$1,335,000,000 850
Wisconsin6$242,000,000 262

Projects By Sector

Energy Efficiency1$6,000,000 200
EV130$76,160,100,000 58,091
Grid, Transmission and Electrification15$1,660,000,000 1,873
Hydrogen16$5,142,800,000 3,338
Semiconductor2$5,375,000,000 1,970
Solar62$12,195,000,000 21,929
Wind19$2,952,500,000 2,674

Projects By Industry Type


*totals will not match overall figures as some projects are categorized into multiple sectors.

About This Analysis

This analysis is based on publicly available information for new clean energy projects, expansions, and renewed productions only announced since the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) signed into law on August 16, 2022. Projects that began development, were proposed, or applied for local and state approval before the passage of the IRA are not included.

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Benefits to Rural America from the Inflation Reduction Act: Driving Jobs, Investment, and Economic Resilience

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More than 67,000 new jobs and $20 billion in new private investments are coming to America's rural areas thanks to 52 large-scale clean energy and clean vehicle projects announced in the first year of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

Clean Jobs Pennsylvania 2023

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Pennsylvania’s clean energy economy grew 4.3 percent and added nearly 4,000 new workers in 2022. Clean energy now accounts for over one third of all energy industry jobs in Pennsylvania, a strong statement for the nation’s second largest energy producer.

Clean Jobs New Jersey 2023

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New Jersey’s clean energy economy grew 6 percent and added over 3,000 new workers in 2022. Clean energy grew 2.5 times faster than the overall state economy and was the 4th fastest growing clean energy workforce in the nation.

Clean Jobs Georgia 2023

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Georgia’s clean energy economy grew 4.7 percent and added 3,517 new workers in 2022. Clean energy employment grew faster than overall energy employment (4.3 percent) and faster than employment in the overall economy (3.5 percent) in Georgia. The state’s 78,400 clean energy jobs is the sixteenth largest and thirteenth fastest growing clean energy workforce nationally. In 2022, the state employed 885 percent more clean energy workers than the fossil fuel industry’s 8,857 jobs.

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