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According to E2’s analysis, as of 2021 more than 484,000 Californians worked in clean energy and more than $102 billion in public and private clean energy related investments have been injected into the state. California’s climate policies – including its leading Renewables Portfolio Standard and transportation electrification policies such as Advanced Clean Trucks (ACT) rule and the Advanced Clean Cars (ACC) program – are key to this economic growth and future growth as well.

California’s Statewide 2021 Clean Energy Jobs Report
Who Are My Representatives?

Almost 50 percent of the $8.3 billion in clean energy investments from California’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Funds have benefited disadvantaged and low-income communities and households across the state. The state’s climate policies funded by the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund have cut emissions by the equivalent of taking 14 million cars off the road.

How to Download: Use the tables below to locate and download all 120 factsheets for every California state legislative district. Each factsheet details out the district-specific jobs and economic impact resulting from California’s climate policies.

California State Senate

California State Assembly

District Assembly Member
District 1Megan Dahle
District 2Jim Wood
District 3James Gallagher
District 4Cecilia Aguiar-Curry
District 5Frank Bigelow
District 6Kevin Kiley
District 7Kevin McCarty
District 8Ken Cooley
District 9Jim Cooper
District 10Marc Levine
District 11Jim Frazier
District 12Heath Flora
District 13Carlos Villapudua
District 14Tim Grayson
District 15Buffy Wicks
District 16Rebecca Bauer-Kahan
District 17David Chiu
District 18Vacant
District 19Phil Ting
District 20Bill Quirk
District 21Adam Gray
District 22Kevin Mullin
District 23Jim Patterson
District 24Marc Berman
District 25Alex Lee
District 26Devon Mathis
District 27Ash Kalra
District 28Evan Low
District 29Mark Stone
District 30Robert Rivas
District 31Joaquin Arambula
District 32Rudy Salas
District 33Thurston Smith
District 34Vince Fong
District 35Jordan Cunningham
District 36Tom Lackey
District 37Steve Bennett
District 38Suzette Martinez Valladares
District 39Luz M. Rivas
District 40James Ramos
District Assembly Member
District 41Chris Holden
District 42Chad Mayes
District 43Laura Friedman
District 44Jacqui Irwin
District 45Jesse Gabriel
District 46Adrin Nazarian
District 47Eloise Gómez Reyes
District 48Blanca Rubio
District 49Edwin Chau
District 50Richard Bloom
District 51Wendy Carrillo
District 52Freddie Rodriguez
District 53Miguel Santiago
District 54Isaac Bryan
District 55Phillip Chen
District 56Eduardo Garcia
District 57Lisa Calderon
District 58Cristina Garcia
District 59Reginald Byron Jones-Sawyer, Sr.
District 60Sabrina Cervantes
District 61Jose Medina
District 62Autumn Burke
District 63Anthony Rendon
District 64Mike Gipson
District 65Sharon Quirk-Sirva
District 66Al Muratsuchi
District 67Kelly Seyarto
District 68Steven Choi
District 69Tom Daly
District 70Patrick O’Donnell
District 71Randy Voepel
District 72Janet Nguyen
District 73Laurie Davies
District 74Cottie Petrie-Norris
District 75Marie Waldron
District 76Tasha Boerner Horvath
District 77Brian Maienschein
District 78Christopher Ward
District 79Akilah Weber
District 80Lorena Gonzalez

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For more information on the source and methodology used to compile the numbers on this sheet, please see Understanding The Numbers or visit

Statewide Jobs Report

For details on clean energy’s statewide impact on jobs in California, including data at the county, metro, congressional district levels, and for details by subsector and value chain, visit E2’s Clean Jobs California 2021 report page.

U.S. Energy & Employment Report (USEER)

This district-by-district report follows E2’s Clean Jobs America analysis which found the clean energy jobs account for over 3 million jobs across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Both reports expand on data from the U.S. Energy and Employment Report (USEER) produced by the Energy Futures Initiative (EFI) in partnership with the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO), using data collected and analyzed by the BW Research Partnership. E2 is a partner on the USEER, the fifth installment of the energy survey first released by the Department of Energy in 2016. Additional methodology on the private and public investment number and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund investments can be found in our About The Numbers reference document.

For additional information, visit or contact E2 communications director Michael Timberlake at ( An FAQ is also available here.

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