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E2 was founded in Northern California in 2000. Since then, the chapter has grown to nearly 2,000 members and supporters and represents the de facto headquarters of E2. E2’s California chapters played a key role in passage of many of California’s marquee climate and clean energy policies, including several firsts for the nation: fuel efficiency standards in 2002, setting the foundation for national standards adopted by the Obama Administration (AB 1493),  a comprehensive program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 (AB 32 and SB 32), and support developing, implementing, and defending the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, Cap and Trade, and the Renewables Portfolio Standard. E2’s California policy program will continue work to defend, strengthen, and extend the state’s climate and clean energy program – including advancing building and transportation electrification – while looking for opportunities to establish California as a global leader in water efficiency, plastic pollution reduction, and other issues at the nexus of the environment and the economy.


  • Growing the clean energy economy
  • Reducing economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions
  • Protecting the ocean economy from offshore oil and gas development
  • Decarbonizing the built environment
  • Modernizing and electrifying the transportation sector


  • In December 2020, E2 was a lead business voice in the successful advocacy campaign to pass a San Jose City ordinance to require virtually all new buildings in the city to be constructed all-electric.
  • In August 2020, A delegation of 20 E2 California members participated in a remote Sacramento advocacy day, virtually meeting with 27 legislative offices, as well as senior staff of the Newsom administration. The delegation advocated on multiple policy priorities, including support for companion bills (AB 1080 and SB 54) to dramatically reduce plastic pollution, broad support for clean energy stimulus investments, and an economic stimulus proposal (AB 841) to expedite the installation of California’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure and create a new program to repair and replace HVAC systems and water fixtures in California’s schools.
  • In June 2020, the California Air Resources Board passed an ambitious Advanced Clean Trucks (ACT) rule. This groundbreaking rule—the world’s first clean truck standard—requires truck manufacturers to sell a steadily increasing number of zero-emission vehicles in California in the coming years. In May, E2 submitted written testimony from almost 270 E2 California business voices in support of the rule and in June E2 recruited and supported business voices in the clean transportation industry to deliver verbal testimony in support of the ACT rule during the California Air Resources Board final hearing on the rule.
  • In June 2020, E2 released Clean Jobs California 2020, a report that details employment in the Golden State’s clean energy economy, including energy efficiency, renewable generation, and clean fuels and vehicles. Leveraging the reports data on clean energy job losses in California as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic fallout, the report made a case for a clean energy driven recovery and provided policy recommendations to advance investments in clean energy.
  • Throughout 2020, E2 played a leadership role managing and mobilizing The Business Alliance for Protecting the Pacific Coast (BAPPC). BAPPC is a membership group of coastal businesses advocating against expanded offshore oil drilling proposed by the Trump Administration.
  • Following the COVID-19 induced economic downturn starting in March 2020, E2 advocated California Congressmembers and state policymakers to leverage the job creation power of the clean energy industry to drive an economic recovery in California. A primary action in our recovery advocacy was E2’s lead role organizing and mobilizing a business group coalition to advocate to members of Governor Newsom’s Economic Recovery Taskforce, including Tom Steyer and CalEPA Secretary Jared Blumenfeld.
  • In August 2019, E2 released Clean Jobs California, a report that details employment in the Golden State’s clean energy economy, including energy efficiency, renewable generation, and clean fuels and vehicles. The report received strong media coverage, including from the Sacramento Bee and the Mercury News. E2 also released its district-level fact sheets, analyzing employment and investment in the state’s legislative districts driven by climate and clean energy policies and programs.
  • In August 2019, over 200 E2 California members and supporters signed onto a letter in support of the California Circular Economy and Plastic Pollution Reduction Act. This bill would ensure California is on the forefront of reducing pollution from single-use packaging and products, setting a goal to reduce waste generated from single-use packaging and products by 75 percent by 2030.
  • In August 2019, A delegation of 14 E2 California members and supporters traveled to Sacramento for meetings with 27 legislative offices and senior staff of the Newsom administration. The delegation advocated on multiple policy priorities, including support for the California Circular Economy and Plastic Pollution Reduction Act and opposition of a proposal (AB 1424) that would hamper open access to California’s public network of electric vehicle charging stations.
  • In July 2019, E2 hosted an event entitled “The Next Wave of California’s Climate Leadership,” which featured State Senator Scott Wiener (SD 11).


  • In 2020, E2 California brought the business voice to bear – including critical business community mobilization – to help pass AB 841, an innovative clean energy and economic stimulus bill that will drive hundreds of millions of dollars in clean energy investment by creating a program to repair and replace HVAC systems and water fixtures in California’s schools and accelerate the state’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure build out.
  • In 2020, E2 California harnessed the business voice to help secure adoption of the groundbreaking Advanced Clean Trucks rule by the California Air Resources Board, establishing the world’s first clean truck standard.
  • In 2018, E2 California elevated the business voice to help pass SB 100, which increased California’s Renewables Portfolio Standard to 60 percent by 2030 and created a statewide planning goal of 100 percent clean energy by 2045.
  • In 2018, E2 California organized business voices as part of the Business Alliance to Protect the Pacific Coast to defend California’s coastline from additional offshore oil and gas development. In response to opposition, the Trump administration indefinitely postponed its plans to expand oil and gas drilling off the nation’s coasts.
  • In 2017, E2 California amplified the business voice to help pass the bill package of AB 398 and AB 617, which extended California’s Cap-and-Trade carbon pricing program through 2030 and addressed critical air quality issues throughout the state.
  • In 2016, E2 California harnessed the business voice to help pass AB 32, which extended California’s statewide greenhouse gas reduction goals out to 2030.


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