Clean energy creates jobs, supports local tax bases and infrastructure development, while providing new opportunities for farmers—driving economic benefits that are becoming ever more apparent. In rural communities facing economic challenges, investments in wind, solar, and energy efficiency are growing. This report from E2 focuses on one part of America – the rural Midwest – that exemplifies the growth in clean energy jobs in rural areas nationwide.

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With a nearly 6% growth rate, rural clean energy jobs in Midwest states are outpacing overall job growth economy-wide.


Rural clean energy jobs in the Midwest now total more than 148,000.

Majority of rural areas in Midwest states have more clean energy jobs per capita than urban ones.

99% of America’s wind capacity is in rural areas.

Rural clean energy jobs grew faster than economy-wide employment in 11 of 12 Midwest states.

More residents in 11 Midwest states are employed by renewable energy and energy efficiency than by fossil fuel power plants, extraction, refinement, and transportation combined.


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