Report Summary

As the Trump administration considers opening more of our coasts to offshore drilling, E2 worked with local partners on the east coast – the Business Alliance for Protecting the Atlantic Coast (BAPAC) and the west coast – the Business Alliance for Protecting the Pacific Coast (BAPPC) to produce economic analysis on the enormous financial and employment value America’s ocean economy brings to states and their coastal communities across the country.

In the links below are one-page factsheets detailing the commercial and jobs benefits generated from ocean-related tourism, recreation and fishing across eight states and 51 congressional districts, as well as the direct investments and jobs created by clean energy industries in those same communities.


California | Statewide Ocean Economy

New York | Statewide Ocean Economy

New Jersey | Statewide Ocean Economy

Virginia | Statewide Ocean Economy

North Carolina | Statewide Ocean Economy

South Carolina | Statewide Ocean Economy

Georgia | Statewide Ocean Economy

Florida | Statewide Ocean Economy

Looking for More Info?

If you are looking for additional insight into the economic benefits of clean energy to America’s coastal economies, please visit to access E2’s annual clean energy jobs report or contact E2 Communications Director Michael Timberlake ( with any questions.

All findings in the factsheets are based on the data reported from the following reports: