WASHINGTON (July 25, 2019) –  Four automakers agreed to continue strengthening vehicle greenhouse gas emission standards established under the Obama Administration through a deal struck with the state of California. The agreement could see average car fuel economy increase to about 51 miles per gallon by 2025, delivering a setback to the Trump administration’s attempt to rollback the nation’s clean car standards.

13 other states and the District of Columbia have agreed to adopt California’s stricter vehicle emissions standards, including New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Oregon.

The following is a statement from Grant Carlisle, Director of Advocacy for the national, nonpartisan business group E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs):

“Today’s announcement represents a win for innovation and for consumers. Automakers rely on economic signals set by commonsense fuel economy standards to guide their investments in new equipment and cutting-edge technologies. Complying with standards that increase fuel economy help our automakers compete internationally, which helps American autoworkers. Standards which promote fuel economy also help consumers at the pump – who can spend less and go further on a gallon of gas.

“The administration should drop its planned rollback immediately and stop impending further progress in this hyper competitive industry.”

For more information and interviews with E2 staff or our members leading clean energy businesses across the country, please contact Michael Timberlake at (202) 289-2407 or mtimberlake@e2.org.

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