• Telling the story of how clean energy works

    By Bob Keefe

    When E2 first started telling the story of clean energy jobs in America several years ago, naysayers in Washington were claiming clean energy was as make-believe as pixie dust and unicorns. The Solyndra failure was still fresh in the news. Coal, gas and nuclear were considered by many as the only ways to power our future. Clean energy was framed as a political issue, not an economic or environmental issue. And nobody knew how many... More »

  • Massachusetts – Mixed Results on Climate and Energy

    By Berl Hartman

    E2 weighs in on renewable energy, RGGI and other state issues Massachusetts has long been a leader in climate and clean energy policy.  Last year, for the 5th year in a row, the Commonwealth was ranked number 1 among the 50 states in energy efficiency.  Also, the 2015 Massachusetts Clean Energy Jobs Report showed unprecedented growth in the clean energy sector with nearly 100,000 employees; an annual growth rate of nearly 12%, and total revenues of $11 billion. Yet, despite... More »

  • Talking Jobs in Washington

    By Grant Carlisle

    Right in the name of our organization is one of E2’s most important principles. The word entrepreneurs stands for the inventors, investors, overworked and dedicated people that so often drive growth and innovation in our economy through the businesses they open and the ventures they support. All of the issues E2 members are coming to Washington for the Spring Advocacy Trip on April 18-20 to talk to lawmakers about figure strongly into the theme of... More »

  • E2 Welcomes Three New Chapter Directors in 2016

    By Victoria Brinkerhoff

    Within the first months of the year, E2 welcomed three new chapter directors to our accomplished leadership. Nancy D. Israel is our newest E2 New England chapter director.  Nancy is passionate about clean energy policy and about the role businesses and investors can play in the transition to a low carbon, sustainable future.  Nancy was inspired to become an E2 member in December 2015 by Berl Hartman, New England Chapter leader, after attending an E2... More »

    Chapter Updates

  • E2 New England Event: China on the Fast Track to Clean Energy

    By Berl Hartman

    China is not only the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions, it is also the leading investor in renewable energy and is placing strict limits on CO2 emissions. On March 15, two world-class experts gave E2 members and guests a look behind these seemingly contradictory trends. Barbara Finamore, NRDC’s Asia Director and Founder of its China Program, pointed out that China is the leading contributor to global climate change, responsible for about 30% of global... More »

  • E2 California: Off to a Strong Start in New Year

    By Mary Solecki

    E2 California is out the gate of 2016 with a strong start. Already this year, we have accomplished the following: Advocacy E2 members (pictured above) came to Sacramento on February 3rd to advocate for SB32, Senator Fran Pavley’s bill that will extend our climate targets to a 40 percent reduction by the year 2030. We met with 30 offices and communicated that strong market signal and innovation that would stem from passing SB 32. Members urged that California can... More »

  • E2 New York: Designing for Resiliency in the Age of Climate Change

    By Judy Albert & Ying Li

    February 2016 in New York was a month of record low temperatures and close to record highs.  The changing weather patterns reminded us that even as we work to mitigate climate change, we also need to adapt and become more resilient.   E2 New York’s February event –  “Designing for Resiliency in the Age of Climate Change” –  explored strategies for building a more resilient future in the New York area. We partnered with Rebuild... More »

  • E2 Rocky Mountains: Defending the Clean Power Plan

    By Susan Nedell

    There is no better example of the tension in a purple state as Colorado, where abundant sunshine and wind for renewable energy competes with a struggling fossil fuels industry.  The EPA’s Clean Power Plan (CPP) is a prime focus for this pressure, and the Rocky Mountains chapter has been out in front advocating for a strong implementation plan for Colorado. Advocacy In February, the chapter had a Day of Advocacy at the state capitol in... More »

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