• Labor Day Report: 12,500 U.S. Clean Energy Jobs Announced in Second Quarter

    Solar, Electric Vehicles and Wind Biggest Growth Sectors

    E2’s report, “Clean Energy Works For Us: Second Quarter 2014 Report,” shows that from Washington state to Florida, more than 12,500 clean energy and clean transportation jobs were announced across the U.S. in Q2 2014. Policies like AB 32 drove job growth in California, while Michigan and the solar sector also posted strong numbers. The report notes the EPA’s Clean Power Plan is expected to drive future job growth, while Congress also has an opportunity... More »

  • More Jobs, Less Carbon

    E2 Supports the Clean Power Plan

    As part of our “More Jobs, Less Carbon” campaign in support of the EPA Clean Power Plan, E2 has significantly ramped up its work in several states critical to ensuring national success - raising the voice of business leaders on the need for action on one of the most important actions our country will take to tackle climate change.  In partnership with local allies, E2 has held about a dozen business-focused events with local mayors... More »

  • A Conversation with E2 member Mitchell Beer

    President, Smarter Shift

    One of our newest members, Mitchell Beer, is the president of Smarter Shift, a company that uses online content generation and social media to tell stories about energy, climate change, and the shift to a low-carbon economy. Mitchell recently spoke with E2 about pressing energy issues in his home country of Canada, the history of renewable energy, and other topics:   You live and work in Canada. What’s going on with the tar sands? They’re... More »

  • Clean energy progress in Massachusetts – but major challenges remain

    Region's energy supply hangs in the balance

    Clean energy scored important wins in Massachusetts in the 2014 legislative session with new laws that encourage renewable thermal energy; fix dangerous and polluting gas pipeline leaks; and authorize a $2.2 billion environmental bond bill. However, two major bills, one that would have required purchase of 2400 megawatts of ‘clean energy’ and another that would have revamped the state’s solar program, failed to pass.   Legislation promotes renewable energy to heat and cool buildings One... More »

  • A New Energy Vision for New York State

    New Models, New Markets

    New York State has embarked on an ambitious agenda to reform its energy infrastructure with a series of initiatives that are being watched around the country – and the world. E2’s New York chapter has front-row seats to this transformation. On Thursday, Sept. 25, as part of Climate Week, E2 will host a breakfast gathering featuring Richard Kauffman, chairman of energy and finance for the state of New York and chair of the New York... More »

    Chapter Updates

  • A Glimpse of the Future for E2 New England

    June event highlights technologies that could change the world

    Imagine this: -- A source of clean energy that is is plentiful, free, available on demand, easy to access, and currently virtually untapped   -- Wastewater recycling technology that changes a typically energy intensive process into an energy source   -- Low cost grid scale storage that supports intermittent renewables, reduces energy price volatility and increases reliability   Luckily we don’t have to imagine them. They are real technologies under development by innovative companies whose... More »

  • Midwest Update

    Growing Capacity in the Midwest

    E2’s profile has grown in the Midwest since our capacity has expanded. Through individual meetings with business leaders, industry meet and greets, and roundtable events, we have educated many about the EPA’s Clean Power Plan and also about ways to get involved in E2. We have been a part of seven business roundtables that have taken place throughout the Midwest: Chicago, IL; Normal, IL; Grand Rapids, MI; Marquette, MI with Mayor Niemi; and Traverse City,... More »

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