• Despite Challenges in D.C., Optimism, Opportunities – and Growth – at E2

    By Bob Keefe, E2 Executive Director

    One of the best parts of my job is getting around the country to meet with our nine E2 chapters and some of our nearly 900 members. A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to spend some time with our great E2 New England chapter, led by Berl Hartman. New England is a special place for me. My father was from there; I still have family in the region and one of my first... More »

  • E2 Launches the 1 Hotels Fellowship

    By Linda Glave, Program Consultant, 1 Hotels Fellowship at E2

    On Earth Day this year, E2 launched an exciting new fellowship to build business voices and support for sound policies that benefit the environment and the economy. The 1 Hotels Fellowship at E2 is made possible thanks to a generous donation from Barry Sternlicht, the Chairman and CEO of Starwood Capital Group and founder of 1 Hotels, a new mission-driven hotel brand built around sustainability. The Fellowship will award $25,000 to each of ten early-... More »

  • E2 Emerging Leader Christi Turner Recaps Her Day Advocating in DC

    By Christi Turner, E2 Member and Founder of Scraps - Boulder, CO

    I learned at least two important things [in May], while advocating for good clean energy policy on Capitol Hill with E2.    Lesson one: Both sides of the aisle are confounded by the Trump administration, often as surprised and shocked as the rest of us at the erratic moves of the executive branch, and not always pleased.   This was a somewhat heartening realization, a reminder that intelligent legislators don't all blindly fall in line... More »

  • E2 Brings Business Voices to California Cap-and-Trade Extension Debate

    By Mary Solecki, E2 Western States Advocate

    E2 California has been highly involved in the effort to extend our Cap-and-Trade program this year. For us, this is personal. It's not only the most effective, market-driven way to ensure emission reductions, but it's also the product of one of E2's earliest advocacy efforts. In times when the news out of Washington about climate and clean energy is dire, we need bold state, local and business leaders to prove that carbon reduction programs work.... More »

  • In Washington, Fighting the Trump Administration’s Anti-Clean Energy Agenda

    By Grant Carlisle, E2 Advocacy Director

    As we enter the seventh month of the Trump presidency, it’s becoming clear that the president and his cabinet are not interested in supporting the 3 million Americans who work in the clean energy economy or the renewable and energy efficiency sectors that are driving the clean energy jobs boom. We have seen this administration repeatedly take actions that tear at the progress that has been made over the past several years. The shoes continue... More »

    Chapter Updates

  • E2 Rocky Mountains Update – July 2017

    By Susan Nedell, E2 Rocky Mountain Advocate

    The Rockies chapter over the past several months worked hard on major legislation to advance energy efficiency and electric vehicles (EVs). Although the energy efficiency bill was met with strong resistance by key state senators who are supported by the fossil fuel industry, we were able to help bring Republican and Democratic lawmakers together by emphasizing the economic benefits of HB-1227: Electric SDM Program Extension and gain passage of this important legislation. You can read... More »

  • E2 New York Update – July 2017

    By Ying Li, E2 Senior Development Coordinator

    In February, shortly after the presidential inauguration, E2 New York members Ron Kamen, Tom Jarecki, Jeffrey Perlman and E2’s Executive Director Bob Keefe met with Senator Chuck Schumer’s Director of Policy and Economic Development Nicholas Martin. The group discussed the importance of the Senator’s continued leadership in Congress and how we can work together to push back on the Trump Administration’s assaults on the environment and clean energy.    In late March, E2 New York... More »

  • E2 New England Update – July 2017

    By Berl Hartman, E2 Chapter Director

    Massachusetts can lead on climate and energy – but will it? As the federal government rolls back pollution safeguards and eliminates clean energy funding, Massachusetts is poised to push back with policies that will grow the economy while reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions.   Massachusetts has led the region in limiting emissions and encouraging the growth of the clean energy sector. The result: clean energy is now an $11.8 billion industry with over 105 thousand... More »

  • E2 Midwest Update – July 2017

    By Gail Parson, E2 Midwest Advocate

    The Midwest continues to develop a path forward on clean energy by implementing legislative wins from late last year. Both Illinois and Michigan passed state laws that incentivize the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency. The two-year freeze on Ohio’s state energy efficiency and renewable standard also expired. Members of the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition, which E2 helped to coordinate the business subgroup, have been participating in a variety of stakeholder groups to design a statewide solar... More »

  • E2 Northern California Update – July 2017

    By Mary Solecki, E2 Western States Advocate

    In June, E2 NorCal heard from California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones about his Carbon Risk Climate Initiative - his work to have insurance companies disclose their investments in coal, and voluntarily divest. He is working with individual insurance companies to help them understand their investment exposures by over-utilizing fossil fuel and other climate-risky investments. Our lunch with the Commissioner proved to be fortuitous timing, as he is now under pressure from other states' attorneys general,... More »

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