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Tasfia Nayem • Durham, NC

Innovative Financing for Low-Carbon Transportation

Project Description

This project profiles cities pursuing innovative financing mechanisms, such as green bonds and public-private partnerships, to build the low-carbon transportation infrastructure we need to combat climate change. Products include factsheets and a scoping report for cities that are interested in launching their own innovative financial tools to promote climate-friendly transportation.

Project Goals

With my 1 Hotels fellowship project, I hope to spur greater climate action in cities by highlighting the economic benefits of and critical need for innovation in the transportation sector. Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., and innovative financing is key to building the low-carbon transportation infrastructure we need to combat climate change.

The 1 Hotels fellowship grants me the opportunity to explore this innovation in action: I highlight the successes and experiences of cities on the leading edge of green finance to illustrate the case for stronger action and broader participation.

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