Date: October 16, 2020

Time: 8am - 12:30pm PT


The 2020 Virtual Washington State Solar Summit will be a one day conference held online Friday, October 16, 2020 with presentations covering topics relevant to the Washington solar industry. Solar Summit attendees typically include representatives from solar installation companies, utilities, manufacturers, distributors, engineers, tribes, city and state government agencies, policy makers, consultants, educators and more.


  • Our panel sessions are pre-recorded, with time for live Q&A after the recording (dependent on speaker availability).
  • We encourage attendees to submit questions via the Q&A function throughout the presentations, so that our speakers can answer them at the end. Attendees are also welcome to engage with the panelists and other attendees using the chat feature.
  • Presentations will be in webinar format, which means that no one will be able to see or hear attendees during the session.
  • Our Networking Session from 10:00-10:45 AM will be in meeting format, so attendees should come camera ready to network with other attendees!
  • If attendees are unable to catch all of the sessions in real time including presentations occurring during the concurrent sessions, then one can view presentations that you may have missed in the coming days after the Summit (subject to the approval of each speaker). Attendees will be contacted for instructions to access the session recordings.


Titles, speakers and times subject to change. Recordings of presentations will be made available (subject to speaker approval) after the virtual conference for registered attendees. 

8:00-8:15am: Welcome Remarks

Setting the stage for this year’s Virtual Solar Summit.  

JN_Headshot75.jpg Jack Newman, President, Solar Washington; Director, Clean Energy Solutions, Säzän Environmental Services
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8:15am-9:00am: Plenary Session 

Vision of the Future from Regional Utility Leaders

We’ll have a conversation about the future of clean energy with the CEOs of some of the largest electric utilities in our region. We’ll hear about their visions for electrification, meeting CETA targets, and the role of the utility in scaling up solar in Washington State. We’ll also discuss their thoughts on advancing equity in both the utility industry and in who benefits from a clean energy transformation.  

Leslie_202075.jpg Moderator: Leslie Moynihan | Product Manager, Customer Connected Renewables, Puget Sound Energy
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jackie-flowers75.jpg Jackie Flowers | Director, Tacoma Public Utilities
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MaryKipp75.jpg Mary E. Kipp | President and Chief Executive Officer, Puget Sound Energy
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D_Smith75.jpg Debra Smith | General Manager and Chief Executive Officer, Seattle City Light
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9:00am-9:15am: Break



Impacts and Response to COVID-19 in Washington State

This session will cover the impacts that COVID-19 has had on the state especially in the clean tech sector. What has been the impacts to workforce in Washington and what are ways the state can respond to support recovery and rebuilding efforts in the next several years? What have been the short term impacts and what are the long term outlooks? How has the pandemic been felt disportionately by communities of color and other grroups and how can response be tailored to address those inequities?

Z_Amittay_Headshot_Cropped75.jpg Zach Amittay | Advocate, Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2)
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Baca__Justin75.jpg Justin Baca | Vice President of Markets & Research, Solar Energy Industries Association
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Chris Green | Director of the Office of Economic Development and Competitiveness, Department of Commerce
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Making the Most of Energy Storage and Other DERs: A Venture-Capital Perspective

This session will focus on distributed energy resources, innovative energy storage technologies, business models, and the regulatory frameworks needed for widespread adoption.

Lubershane_photo35.jpg Andy Lubershane | Director of Research, Energy Impact Partners
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10:00am-10:45am: Networking Session


Networking Session Sponsor

Join us for small group networking in this interactive session. Groups will be randomly assigned and attendees will have the chance to talk for about 10 minutes before switching to a new group. Make sure to come camera ready and with your microphone enabled to participate!


10:45am-11:30am: CONCURRENT SESSIONS

Solar & Environmental Justice: Equity in Clean Energy

Learn more about Washington State’s progress towards an equitable, socially just, diverse and inclusive solar industry, including new community solar programs, workforce development initiatives, and energy resilience projects that strengthen tribal sovereignty. This session focuses on recent policies, funding resources, and projects that advance community resilience with solar energy, as well as opportunities expand access to the benefits of solar energy and resilience to all members of our growing community.

Session moderated by Jack Newman, President, Board of Directors, Solar Washington 

Mikhaila75.jpg Mikhaila Gonzales | Project Manager, Spark Northwest
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OrianaMagnera275.jpg Oriana Magnera | Climate and Energy Policy Coordinator, Verde
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Timphoto375.jpg Tim Willink | Director, Tribal Program, GRID Alternatives
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Washington State Legislation: Current Policy Updates, Effects of Vetoed Legislation and the Path Forward

This session will offer an update on current legislation, rules going into place for new laws, and expected benefits. We will also take a look at what is being discussed and lobbied for in Olympia.

Pic.brad75.jpg Brad Boswell | Political Consultant, Boswell Consulting
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BethDoglio75.jpg Beth Doglio | Representative, Washington State, 22nd Legislative District
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11:30am-11:45am: Break


11:45am-12:30pm: CONCURRENT SESSIONS

WSU Energy Program Update

This session will provide an update on the two incentive programs that Washington State has offered to spur expansion of the solar industry in the state. 

Todd-Currier_12.201675.jpg Todd Currier | Director, WSU Energy Program
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Scaling Up: What it Takes to Get to 100% Clean Energy

It will require a collaborative approach across many stakeholders and technologies to get to 100% clean. Solar will play a role as will wind, energy storage, energy efficiency, building operations, and demand response. Learn from leaders in these industries about the opportunities and challenges that we will face as we move forward together.

FrankAfranjiPic75.jpg Frank Afranji | CEO, Northwest Power Pool
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DJ_smile75.jpg Duane Jonlin | Energy Code and Energy Conservation Advisor, City of Seattle
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