Date: December 10, 2018

Time: 6-8 PST

Location: TIATO, 2700 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404


Building Decarbonization
California’s Climate Change Mitigation Frontier


California State Senator, Henry Stern
City of Los Angeles Chief Sustainability Officer, Lauren Faber O’Connor
City of Santa Monica Chief Sustainability Officer, Dean Kubani
NRDC Senior Scientist, Pierre Delforge

Monday, December 10, 2018
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM, with program beginning at 6:30PM

2700 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404

California’s building sector is responsible for a quarter of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions; decarbonizing our buildings is critical to tackling climate change and meeting California’s 2030 climate goals.  While clean, high-efficiency electric heating technologies exist, customers and builders are not familiar with them and higher first costs of these new technologies are often a barrier. To achieve the decarbonization at the scale necessary, new technologies must be developed.  Ramping down emissions in the building sector will require innovative policy solutions at the state and local level that ensure California builders construct the next generation of near-zero‐emission buildings and drive the development and adoption of clean heating solutions in existing buildings.

Please join E2 and leading players in the building decarbonization effort to hear about the urgency to mitigate building emissions, recent legislative victories, what is next on the State’s building decarbonization agenda, and the opportunities to advance policy and implement action at the local, city level.

Speaker Bios

Senator Henry Stern was elected to represent the 27th Senate District, which includes parts of Los Angeles and Ventura counties, on November 8, 2016.  Prior to being elected to the State Senate, he was an environmental attorney and senior advisor to his predecessor Fran Pavley.  Senator Stern has championed a number of environmental bills while in the State legislature, including SB 1477.  Signed into law by Governor Brown this September, SB 1477 will provide incentives and support for market development to jumpstart the adoption of clean energy technologies in California’s buildings.  He is an alumnus of Harvard University and UC Berkeley Law.
Lauren Faber O’Connor is the Chief Sustainability Officer for the City of Los Angeles. In her role she is driving the implementation of LA’s landmark Sustainable City pLAn, which puts forth an actionable vision for transforming LA’s environment, economy and equity. Prior to joining the Garcetti Administration, Lauren worked at the Environmental Defense Fund and was appointed to Assistant Secretary for Climate Change Programs at the California EPA.  Lauren holds a Bachelor’s degree in Earth Systems and Economics from Stanford University, and Master’s degree in Climate and Society from Columbia University.
Dean Kubani is the Chief Sustainability Officer and Assistant Director of Public Works for the City of Santa Monica.  Since 1994 Dean has directed the ongoing development, implementation and evaluation of the Santa Monica Sustainable City Program, and he currently oversees the city’s efforts related to sustainability, climate change, energy, water, and sustainable business and community programs. Dean has served on the advisory boards of the International Sustainability Indicators Network, the University of Southern California Center for Sustainable Cities, the Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability, and several non-profit organizations.
Pierre Delforge is a senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council.  At NRDC, Pierre works on policies to accelerate the clean energy transition in buildings, with a focus on space and water heating, as well as plug-in equipment. Previously, Delforge was lead energy and climate strategist for HP’s sustainability group. He holds degrees in computer science from Cambridge University and École Centrale de Paris. He is based in San Francisco.

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