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Washington PostOil companies drilling on federal land get break on royalties. Solar and wind firms get past-due rent bills.

The billing comes as solar and wind developers struggle to get new work off the ground, with factory shutdowns disrupting supply chains and the economic downturn drying up... (Read More)

The Energy GangLayoffs Surge in Clean Energy

This week on The Energy Gang, we look at sky-high layoffs in clean energy. How do we get people back to work? A major analysis of... (Read More)

Washington Examiner‘Worse than we thought’: Clean energy lost almost 450,000 jobs in April

“It’s a lot worse than we thought, and it doesn’t look like it’s getting any better,” said Bob Keefe, executive director of Environmental Entrepreneurs. The memo... (Read More)

ForbesIs Environmental Activism Bad For Business? History Suggests Not

Moreover, clean energy has been an American success story: employment in the sector has grown by 10.4% since 2015, according to Clean Jobs America 2020 —... (Read More)

The Washington PostCoronavirus crisis hits solar and wind energy industry

“These aren’t left-wing coastal hippies,” said Bob Keefe, executive director of Environmental Entrepreneurs. “These are construction workers who get up every day and lace up their... (Read More)

E&E NewsCoronavirus wiped out 2019’s clean energy job gains – report

Bob Keefe, E2’s executive director, said the groups hadn’t done an estimate of what new stimulus programs would cost. But “the price tag for not doing... (Read More)

BloombergMore than 100,000 clean-energy workers lost their jobs in March

“Lawmakers simply cannot ignore the millions of electricians, technicians and factory workers who work in clean energy as they consider ongoing economic recovery efforts,” said Keefe.... (Read More)

Bloomberg LawEnergy Efficiency Industry Seeks Aid as House Panel Seeks Ideas

Bob Keefe, executive director for E2, which represents business leaders, investors, and others in clean energy, said his group has lobbied Capitol Hill offices asking for... (Read More)

American City & CountrySmart cities are solar cities

“There’s no doubt about it: The solar industry is a major employer and an increasingly important part of our economy,” says Bob Keefe, Executive Director of... (Read More)

Energy Wire‘Horrible.’ Coronavirus unravels energy efficiency industry

“Bottom line, what we’re seeing and hearing is horrible,” said Bob Keefe, executive director of E2, a clean energy advocacy group. “We’re seeing work stoppages that... (Read More)

NJ SpotlightWill New EPA Fuel-Economy Standard Stall NJ’s Drive for Cleaner Air?

“This rollback represents a self-inflicted wound to our economy in the heart of an economic crisis,’’ said Sandra Purohit, director of federal advocacy for the national... (Read More)

Energy News NetworkThis Chicagoan is on a mission to help auto dealers sell electric vehicles

Now, through a fellowship from the organization E2 (Environmental Entrepreneuers), Deylami will help dealers learn more about and promote electric vehicles. E2, an organization of investors... (Read More)

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TABOR – Preventing Progress on Climate Action

COVID-19 is overwhelming Colorado’s economy, and TABOR (Tax Payer Bill of Rights) is making it worse. TABOR is an amendment which was approved by voters in1992... (Read More)

Oil, Clean Energy and National Security

America’s reliance on petroleum continues to be a risk to our national security, our economy and our environment. The current crash in oil markets—and the job... (Read More)

CA Members-Only Virtual Gathering: Speed Networking

Greetings E2 California Members! We hope you are safe and sane during the coronavirus crisis and statewide shelter-in-place order. Please join us for an E2 members-only... (Read More)

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