As part of broader federal efforts, E2 is taking a leading role against coastal drilling and for a 100% renewable energy goal.

As part of a broader federal defense effort, E2 is taking a leading role against the Trump Administration’s efforts to open the entire West Coast to offshore oil and gas drilling. E2 California will be looking into numerous opportunities to engage in the fight to preserve our coasts, including member roundtables with key federal congressional representatives from Southern California, as well as supporting state policies banning new oil drilling infrastructure coastal waters.

E2 California also supported a number of critical policy proposals in the first half of 2018:

  • In April, 170 members supported AB 3059, a bill that would authorize local California agencies to address traffic issues via congestion relief pilot programs, including variable pricing on road use.
  • In June, 188 members supported AB 813, a proposal that would set in motion the process toward creating a fully integrated Western regional electrical grid.  This is a critical step to effectively and reliably integrating high levels of renewable energy.
  • E2 supported SB 100, which would ramp up the state’s Renewables Portfolio Standard and set a planning goal to achieve 100 percent renewable and zero-carbon electricity in California by 2045.Additionally, E2 is bringing the business voice in support of two proposals (SB 1477 and AB 3232) that would help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution from homes and commercial buildings.  As SB 100 continues to improve our electric grid to add more renewables, SB 1477 and AB 3232 would replace dirtier fossil fuel power in buildings with our increasingly cleaner electricity.

Looking ahead, E2 California is also gearing up for an important advocacy trip to the California State Capitol this August.  We expect a number of the above policies to still be in play and look forward to bringing E2 member business voices to Sacramento to help advance these key policy priorities.

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