Want to take action but not sure what to do next? It’s more important than ever to make business voices – voices like yours – heard in Washington and beyond. Here are some resources and easy steps you can take today:
Stay Informed

  • NRDC's Trump Watch, is a digital tool to keep up with all of the administration's environmental assault. 
  • E2’s Weekly Update, is an E2 members-only email on the latest developments in federal policy.
  • Check the E2 website at www.e2.org; follow us on Twitter @e2org.

Make your voice heard.

  • Call your U.S. senators and representative. They need to hear that they should not support President Trump’s “America First” energy plan because it relies solely on fossil fuels and doesn’t even mention clean energy. The need to know Scott Pruitt is the wrong choice for EPA Administrator. Remind them you’re a constituent and a business person. Tell them why you care about these issues. And if your senators and/or representative are doing the right thing, thank them for their support. They need to hear that too. Our economy, our environment and our future depends on it. See here for helpful tips: https://www.nrdc.org/stories/how-call-congress.
  • Don’t know who to call? Text your zip code to 520-200-2223 and receive the phone numbers of your U.S. and state legislators.​​​
  • Write an opinion piece for your local newspaper. Give the business perspective on clean energy and climate change policies. Members of Congress read their hometown papers like soldiers read letters from home. See this resource for some tips: www.opedproject.com. You can also contact E2 press secretary Jeff Benzak at jeff@e2.org.​
  • Sign E2 Action Alerts. E2 member will get automatically notified by email. (i.e. E2's Pruitt letter)
  • Join fellow business leaders on E2 advocacy trips to DC and your local statehouse. E2 members will be notified of our trips.

Engage in social media.

  • Participate in the Feb 22nd Clean Energy Jobs Twitter Thunderclap, #CleanEnergyJobs. Click here for more info. 
  • Tweet and retweet @e2.org.

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