Des Moines. New York. St. Louis. Boston. Denver. Chicago. Brandon, S.D.

For the first time in our 15 year history, E2 members, staff and advocates from those places and everywhere in between came together for one special evening, in the place where we got our start: San Francisco.

Attendees at the Oct. 8 E2@15 Anniversary in San Francisco celebrated our 15 years of successes working for the economy and the environment. They also heard first-hand about our priorities across the country, while sampling great regional foods and libations from every place E2 has a presence. There was even a little dancing involved!

Attendees also got a preview of some exciting changes ahead designed to position E2 for the next 15 years and beyond – including the announcement of a major fundraising campaign for our continued growth that I hope you’ll read about more here. Here are some of the highlights we announced at E2@15:

*NEW LOGO: We put a fresh coat of new paint and made a few subtle design changes to the E2 logo to modernize it a bit, as you'll see below. And while we will always be Environmental Entrepreneurs, we’re also adding a new tagline to E2’s logo and other materials that better describes in a simple but succinct way what we all believe in, work toward and advocate for: Good for the Economy, Good for the Environment.

*NEW WEB SITE: By year end, we’ll launch something members have been asking for for years: A new web site. The new will show how E2 is Engaged, Effective and Everywhere. It is being designed specifically for new member prospects and others who may not have heard of E2 before, but want to know more. And it will make it very easy to join us. Members can still access all the resources they get through the current site, via a special members-only portal. Here’s a sample of the new homepage:

*NEW VIDEO: We also premiered a new video at E2@15 in San Francisco that tells the story of our organization and what we do. This will be a centerpiece of the new Web site. Check it out here.

*NEW E2 OPPORTUNITY FUND: With our nine chapters and five regional advocates now giving us a truly national foundation for the first time; with our new look and new web site, we finally have the infrastructure we’ve long needed to take E2 to a new level. We now need to leverage what we’ve built to expand E2’s membership, our advocacy and our effectiveness.

To provide the resources to do so, we launched at E2@15 a major fundraising campaign designed to create the new E2 Opportunity Fund. Donations to the new E2 Opportunity Fund will go specifically to three areas: Membership and Chapter Development; Communications and Emerging Programs. See here for more details.

The E2 Opportunity Fund is a great way to direct contributions to the growth of your specific chapter or specific areas of our work that interest you most and to take a role in helping shape E2’s future. Please contact me at to learn more.

The E2@15 Anniversary event in San Francisco was the culmination of E2@15 events we had in chapters across the country over the past year – in New York, Chicago, Boston and Denver. Special thanks to our awesome chapter directors and staff that made our 15th anniversary a truly nationwide event.

Jon Foster, E2 Northern California Chapter Director and a Palo Alto, Calif., resident, moderates a panel discussion on the significance of the business voice in environmental advocacy. Seated from left to right are E2 members Michael Rucker of Boulder, Colo.; Emily Rice of Des Moines, Iowa; Zach Tucker of St. Louis, Mo.; Nancy Floyd of San Francisco; David Kolsrud of Brandon, S.D.; Jon Gensler of Brooklyn, N.Y.; and Geoff Chapin of Boston. (E2 photo)

Thanks also to you for your support of E2 over the past 15 years, and for your continued support of our work for the good of the economy and the good of the environment in the years ahead.


Bob Keefe is E2's Executive Director. 

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