In February, E2 New York hosted a breakfast with Nilda Mesa, New York City’s Director of the Office of Sustainability (pictured right), who spoke on the city’s environmental agenda and how E2 members can engage in this work. She brings extensive environmental experience at all levels of government, public and private sectors, including at the White House and the EPA.  Currently, Nilda is coordinating with over 70 city agencies on the update of PlaNYC, the city’s sustainability and resiliency blueprint that is expected for release on Earth Day.  The new iteration will focus on four areas: growth, sustainability, resiliency and equity. 
Additionally, Nilda will be leading the implementation of the administration’s flagship issue: reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. To advance this goal, the city launched “One City, Built to Last” – a plan to create energy efficient public and private buildings, and reduce emissions by 30 percent over the next 10 years. A Greenhouse Gas Technical Working Group has also been formed to come up with strategies to get to 80 by 2050.
Toward the end of the meeting, Nilda encouraged E2 members in the room to provide her with issues that she may be overlooking. She was open to the idea of scheduling regular meetings in the coming months so that E2 members can bring their thoughts to her attention.  E2 is coordinating with her office to schedule something for after the release of PlaNYC, and we’ll share more details once these are confirmed.   

– Ying Li is E2's Senior Development Coordinator.