Legislative Update 

  • SB 350 (Golden State Standards): This bill aims to reduce petroleum use by 50%, increase renewable electricity to 50% of use, and double the energy efficiency of existing buildings. E2 is supporting the bill as it moves to its second house, the Assembly, this summer.  
  • SB 32 (extending Global Warming Solutions Act / AB 32): E2’s longtime friend, Senator Fran Pavley, seeks to extend AB 32 targets through 2050. This bill also moves into its second house this summer. Although it shows promise of passing this session, E2 is working to garner additional supporters.
  • AB 1094 (plug-in energy efficiency): This bill would have reduced energy efficiency of many electronics, but unfortunately did not survive its first house. We will work to move this bill again next year!
  • SB 471 (water-energy nexus): Fran Pavley has introduced this bill that allows projects that reduce both water and energy use to qualify for special funding from Cap and Trade revenues. E2 working with the authors office on the language of the bill, as well as garnering other support.
  • SB 367 (low carbon agriculture): This bill is a carrot for farmers that are using best practices when it comes to cultivation practices, and presents real carbon sequestration opportunities. Our support of this bill also provides a useful way to reach out to farmers across the state, who are key stakeholders to our work on water policy.

California Events 

Quarter Successes
On April 22, E2 partnered with The China-US Energy Efficiency Alliance to host an EcoSalon in San Francisco titled “The Road to Paris: China and the Upcoming Climate Negotiations.” The evening celebrated The China-US Energy Efficiency Alliance’s 10th anniversary with a keynote speech from Dr. Steven Chu, former US Secretary of Energy, and a fascinating panel discussion on China’s clean energy market and energy policy, greening China’s built environment, and the possible implications of the upcoming climate negotiations in Paris.

E2 finished the last of its water focus series at the end of June. We held four focus meetings in San Francisco on the topic of water policy and innovation, inviting business leaders, academics, government officials, NRDC experts, and entrepreneurs to explore innovative policies for water management in California. We will issue a report with our key findings in the coming months. 

Stay tuned for details on various events E2 will hold in California over the summer and into the fall. We will host a series of roundtables in the Central Valley to demonstrate the value of Cap and Trade funding for inland districts. In Northern California, we will hold several EcoSalons, as well as E2’s 15th anniversary celebration.

For a look at all of E2’s past and upcoming events, visit our Events page.
Staffing in California

Christine Luong, E2’s Director of Member Engagement, returned from maternity leave this

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June. Her daughter, Maya (pictured left), was welcomed into the world in January 2015. Welcome back, Christine!

– Mary Solecki is E2's Western States Advocate.