With the Emerging Leaders Program, E2 is building the next generation of business leaders advocating for smart policies that are good for the economy and good for the environment. Through the program, early- and mid-career professionals can help shape the future by engaging in E2’s advocacy while benefitting from being part of E2’s national network of 1,000+ members and thousands of other business voices.

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Advocacy: E2 Emerging Leaders have the unique opportunity to connect directly with legislators, members of Congress and others through E2’s regular advocacy trips to Washington and state capitals across the country.

Communications: E2 Emerging Leaders get professional communications training to help craft their own stories and then amplify them in the media, with policymakers and others. See The Los Angeles Times The St. Louis Post Dispatch,  Bloomberg BusinessWeekThe Denver Post for examples of how E2 members affect change through communications.

Education: E2 Emerging Leaders stay up-to-date on environmental policies and issues that impact their industries through E2’s monthly webinarsreports and other materials. Through E2 partner NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council), E2 Emerging Leaders have access to leading experts on environmental issues and policies across the country.

Networking: Through E2’s nine chapters stretching from New England to Southern California, E2 Emerging Leaders are invited to a broad range of events and opportunities to meet and collaborate with E2’s network of business leaders, investors and serial entrepreneurs who share a commitment to building an environmentally sustainable economy.

Connections: Interested E2 Emerging Leaders can connect with seasoned E2 members to discuss professional and business development, entrepreneurship and social investing


Ariel Flan
Greenwealth Energy Solutions

“My time spent with E2 speaking with legislators about the business-owner’s perspective and advocating for clean energy policy reform has been the most meaningful, defining work of my career so far.”

Lauren Hafford
Farms: Farmers Advancing Regenerative Management Solutions

“The change we need to create in the world is daunting, but connecting with a network of climate champions makes the work more joyful. When E2 facilitates advocacy days at the capitol, we can get in, speak up, and effect change. It feels like a secret back door to the place where policy happens. It’s very empowering.”

Karen Sweeney
The Energy Group

“E2 Emerging Leaders builds connections within the clean energy industry, allowing young professionals to exchange ideas with industry leaders while making sure our voices are heard in government.”

Cory Connolly
Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council

“With a small community in Michigan, connecting and building a national network of young professionals is critical. Together, we can continue to build the clean energy economy.”

Tim Mills
Arm Group LLC

“E2 is an incredible diverse group of energy and business professionals that I’ve had the pleasure of  working with on the Federal and State level. I’ve had the opportunity to meet with representatives of Congress and the Senate on both sides of the aisle to discuss energy policy and climate change. Focusing on the environmental and economic benefits of these policies has allowed us to gain bipartisan support to help bring real tangible change to the country.”

Deepa Lounsbury
Extensible Energy

“Every citizen wants clean air, clean water, and a strong economy — E2 can help me advocate for our common goals through training, network building, and connections to political leaders.”


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