E2’s Pennsylvania Clean Energy Map shows the location of clean energy businesses across the state as well as sites where renewable energy is generated.

The purpose of the map is to help policymakers, press and individuals better understand the scope of Pennsylvania’s clean energy economy – and how much room it has to grow.

Here’s the map:



Rural areas hubs of clean energy activity

As our map shows, as of June 2016 Pennsylvania had more than 2,500 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy capacity from solar, wind and small hydroelectric plants.

Of that capacity, about half – or 1,300 MW – comes from wind, while nearly 1,000 MW comes from small hydroelectric plants. The remaining 240 MW comes from solar photovoltaic (PV) projects – i.e., the solar panels that you see on rooftops and in fields.

The majority of clean energy businesses are located in the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh metro areas and surrounding counties. However, as the map shows, less-urban counties actually have the most renewable energy generating capacity.

For example, Lancaster County has the largest renewable energy generating capacity in the state, with 720-plus MW. Lancaster County is a solar leader. Its 1,000 solar systems and its nearly 50 MW of solar PV power generating capacity are both tops in the state, mainly due to the large number of farms now using solar energy.

Chester County is the state’s No. 2 solar county with more than 800 solar systems and 21 MW of generating capacity.

Cambria County’s Highland Wind Farm was developed on an old strip mine. (Photo courtesy of EverPower Wind Holdings)
Cambria County’s Highland Wind Farm was developed on an old strip mine. (Photo courtesy of EverPower Wind Holdings)


Further west, Somerset and Cambria counties are Nos. 2-3 when it comes to overall renewable energy generating capacity, with 360-plus MW and about 250 MW, respectively. Both rely on wind for most of their renewable energy capacity.

The 62.5 MW Highland Wind Farm in Cambria County, for example, was brought online in 2009 by EverPower Wind Holdings. Situated on a reclaimed strip mine, nine full-time workers maintain and operate its 25 turbines.


Top 10 counties in PA for renewable energy generation

Ranking County Total Renewable Generation (MW)
1 Lancaster 774
2 Somerset 364
3 Cambria 248
4 Blair 157
5 Schuylkill 148
6 Wyoming 143
7 Bucks 130
8 Fayette 103
9 Tioga 101
10 Delaware 84


At Focus Farm, a turkey farm in Lewisburg, a rooftop solar array installed by Energy Independent Solutions helped create jobs in a rural part of Central Pennsylvania. (Photo courtesy of EIS Solar)
At Focus Farm, a turkey farm in Lewisburg, a rooftop solar array installed by Energy Independent Solutions helped create jobs in a rural part of Central Pennsylvania. (Photo courtesy of EIS Solar)


6,000 clean energy businesses in Pennsylvania

As outlined in E2’s “Clean Jobs PA” report, there are 66,000 clean energy jobs at nearly 6,000 clean energy businesses in Pennsylvania. This was based on data collected from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and from a BW Research Partners survey of hundreds of Pennsylvania companies.


Map user’s guide

  • When viewing the map, note the “Layers” option on the black bar at the top of the map. Click the drop-down menu to select different layers of information. When a layer is selected, a description of that layer is displayed in the left-hand column.
  • The Clean Energy Businesses layer shows locations of businesses involved in the solar, energy efficiency, geothermal, and “other” sectors. See “Registry” for the types of businesses included. When clicking the icon on the map, the user can view information about that particular business.
  • The Utility-Scale Renewable Energy Facilities layer shows utility-scale wind, solar and hydroelectric generation facilities larger than 1 MW. This information is derived from the U.S. Energy Information Agency, retrieved July 2016. [Source: http://www.eia.gov/maps/layer_info-m.cfm, Power Plants data set, last updated 7/7/2016]
  • The Commercial and Residential PV Systems layer shows 7,035 commercial and residential solar PV generation facilities. To protect the privacy of individual home and business owners, the icons are randomly placed within the zip code region of each address. Exact addresses for these locations are not shown, and when the map is enlarged, these icons disappear.
  • [Note: Data for the Commercial and Residential PV Systems Data layer was retrieved from a Right-to-Know Request from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection by the Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Association (MAREA) of all the solar PV systems that received Pennsylvania Sunshine Grant money through the closure of that program in December 2013. As of June 28, 2016, there were 8,518 solar PV systems in Pennsylvania registered with PJM, so almost 1,500 of these systems do not appear on the map because their locations are not available.]
  • State and House Districts layers outline Pennsylvania state legislative districts.


More about the map

The Clean Energy Map of PA includes companies from E2’s jobs report survey. The map also includes data from Conservation Service Providers registered with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to provide services under Act 129, as well as data obtained via internet searches of clean energy companies throughout the state.

The map is a dynamic, “living” tool. It will continually capture and update information on companies helping expand Pennsylvania’s clean energy economy. Every month, we add clean energy companies to the map. (However, it is important to note that we do not endorse or vet companies that choose to be included in the map.)



Is your clean jobs company on the map?

If your clean energy firm is directly involved in the research, development, production, manufacture, installation, sale or distribution of goods and services related to renewable energy and/or energy efficiency, including clean fuels and transportation, or engaged in consulting, finance, tax and legal services that support the clean energy economy – WE WANT YOU!

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