8 states, 5 regions, 10 game changing projects

This fellowship is designed to support and develop young entrepreneurs and emerging business leaders who seek to make the world a better place through projects that are good for the economy and good for the environment. Over the next year, these future leaders will work to advance policies that are good for the economy and good for the environment through 10 exciting clean tech projects.

The 2020 1 Hotels Fellows at E2

Grant Behnke Columbus, OH

Ecolodgical Columbus: A project to facilitate implementation of sustainable hotel operations in Ohio’s Capital City that unlock commingled financial and environmental benefits for the rapidly growing Columbus hotel industry.

Neda Deylami Chicago, IL

Training Auto Dealerships on Electric Vehicles: Development of a set of curriculums, trainings, and ongoing support to provide auto dealers in the Chicago metro area to increase basic knowledge about EVs and their financial benefits and answer long-term ownership questions from customers.

Jock Gilchrist Boulder, CO

Why Regenerative Agriculture is the Climate Solution We Need and Deserve: A campaign to produce a short film and accompanying white paper that makes the business case for implementing regenerative practices and raises its profile with the public, farmers, and policymakers, using the state of Colorado as a case study.

Jesse Goldstein Santa Barbara, CA     

Data-Driven Communication on the Benefits of Sharing to Foster Electric Vehicle Adoption in Low-Income and Disadvantaged Communities: Data-driven analysis to determine the best possible locations for community EV charger sharing networks, conduct market research and outreach campaigns to gauge interest levels, and educate low-income and disadvantaged residents on how to confidently transitions to EVs.

Bonnie Gurry New York City, NY

Renewable Energy Investments Public Database: Creation of a public database of all renewable energy investment opportunities available to individual investors with the goal to facilitate and grow the total capital invested in renewable energy across the U.S.

Nicole Mendoza Longmont, CO

Launching the Carbon Economy: Businesses, Markets, and Policies: Investigation of the business, economic, and policy environments that facilitate turning captured carbon into marketable products, concluding with a consortium (and attendant website) to facilitate and empower these businesses to grow and profit.

Caroline Normile San Francisco, CA

Advancing Agricultural Carbon Markets: Improve current carbon sequestration estimates by working to establish partnerships and long-term monitoring networks among environmental researchers and agricultural communities in California’s Central Valley.

Mary Sketch Knoxville, TN

Redefining Rural America’s Resource-Extractive Past: A social case study approach to amplify the voices of historically resource-dependent communities across rural America that are rebuilding their economies by redefining resource-dependence through clean energy solutions.

Scott Tate Roanoke, VA

Advancing Clean Energy and Sustainable Enterprise in Central Appalachia: Raise public awareness about social entrepreneurship and sustainability-focused companies on the rise in central Appalachia and facilitate growth of these start-ups with a brief resource guide and in-person workshop for a small cohort of entrepreneurs and partners.

John Young Washington, D.C

Public-Private Partnerships for PV Ownership in Marginalized Communities: Analysis of best practices and economic benefits of growing solar PV ownership among marginalized communities in the District of Columbia and New Jersey, concluding with a toolkit available for state governments and businesses looking to establish solar PV ownership programs.